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Expert Economic Forecasting Powered by Analyzing Demographic Trends, Business Cycles, Consumer Purchasing Power and Much More!

Harry Dent and his team at Dent Research believe that knowing what cycles are passing around us and understanding what consumers are going to buy next (or not), is the best way to protect your investment portfolio, maximize your returns, and make smart business and financial decisions.

Each weekday in Economy & Markets, Harry and his team share their views on demographic trends, stock market research and trends, the housing market, different economic, market and business cycles, investment and 401(k) strategies, the looming market crash, commodities, and much more.

Economy & Markets Readers Are Already Discovering:

  • When it’s time to start profiting from the rise of specific emerging market economies.
  • What’s inside the rise of cryptocurrencies and the potential for bitcoin and blockchain to take off.
  • When commodities are likely to peak again.
  • When the housing market will turn down again, and how other real estate market trends will change.
  • When bonds would be a better investment than stock allocations.
  • Exactly what industries and investments will hand you the fastest profits.
  • What the Fed will do next… and how interest rates could change over time.

Stay Ahead of the Curve to Survive the Next Meltdown… and Prosper in the Years Following

While most economists focus on short-term trends, policy changes, technical indicators, elections – things that are volatile and unstable – the Dent Research team focuses on long-term trends.

They study the past to predict the future – an approach that enables them to forecast years into the future with an incredible degree of accuracy. This helps you to know what’s coming next… where the immediate opportunities are… and where to park your money for the longer term.

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